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Global Health Systems Consultant, LLC


The diverse professional career track, and the formal educational and experiential background of the principal of Global Health Systems Consulting has created a rich fabric of professional products and services that reach across the age span and the multiple fields of the allied health professions. Examples of the range of services that can be customized to the needs of clients include:

* Strategic planning for new and existing programs

* Project management and support for health-related program planning, development, and implementation

* Creating workforce development programs and initiatives

* Designing and monitoring quality assurance/continuous quality improvement programs

* Planning and implementing conferences, forums and focus groups in the allied fields of health, public health, mental health, social services, addiction and prevention services

* Long term care management strategies and trouble-shooting

* Gerontology and nursing case management consultation

* Speech writing and PowerPoint development on health-related topics

* Creating and conduction community, program, and public health systems assessments

* Designing focused emergency preparedness planning strategies

* Developing educational video productions

* Creating unique models of health and heritage fairs

* Program planning, design, implementation and evaluation for services in the fields of health, public health, mental health, addiction and prevention services, long term care and gerontology

* Strategic planning for start-up and existing programs and organizations

* Education curriculum and program design including

1. workforce development programs

2. conference planning and focused presentations

3. grand rounds for allied health professionals

4. webcasts program development

5. in-service programs/educational videos

6. smoking cessation classes

* Speech and article writing

* PowerPoint Development on a range of health-related topics

* Organizing health fairs and community health screening events

* Organizing /facilitating committees, coalitions and focus groups

* Developing program and organizational Quality Assurance and Continuous Quality Improvement programs

* Designing policies, procedures and protocols for health programs

* Long-term care management strategies and trouble-shooting

Global Health Systems Consultants, LLC: A Public Health Consulting Firm
Stephanie R. Paulmeno, MS, RN, NHA, CDP, CCM:
A Board Certified Care Manager and Dementia Practitioner

President of the Connecticut Nurses Association

Board: Connecticut Nursing Foundation
Board of the Southwestern Connecticut Area Agency on Aging
Candidate: Doctor of Nursing Practice – Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT
CEO, Global Health Systems Consultants, LLC: A Public Health Consulting Firm
9 Rockland Place
Old Greenwich, CT 06870
(203) 326-0400